ANoveauBURN-IN Gallery and Think Tank is a gallery and creative placemaking center located in Vienna, Austria.  BURN-In gallery regards itself as an exquisite art salon, as an art space for the enjoyment of art. BURN-IN attaches particular importance to proximity to art and to customers, and the communication and promotion of art. BURN-IN is very much open to the new and international. BURN-IN’s unique selling point is based on the fertilising symbiosis of gallery and think tank. Art combined with branding. The application of passion, but with a fruitful relationship as well. Art branding and creative place-making as the providers of impetus for lively corporate cultures and thriving living and working environments. Art is thought of completely differently and realized in a strategic and promising way.

Esthesis is an e-magazine of arts and ideas published by Global Arts Associates of Aurora, Colorado.

The Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College (New York City) has as its mission “to promote Jewish-Catholic-Muslim ‘discussion and collaboration’ as urged by in 1965 by the Vatican’s Nostra Aetate (In Our Time) and seconded in subserquental papal actions and declarations.  ‘Since Christians and Jews have such a common spiritual heritage, this sacred Council wishes to encourage and further mutual understanding and appreciation.’  Nostra Aetate also states that the Church ‘regards with esteem also the Muslim,” and it urges all “to work sincerely for mutual understanding.’

The Consumer Innovation Consortium (CIC) at North Carolina State University has as its purpose to build academic-corporate partnerships that deliver state-of-the-art consumer research to corporate leaders in marketing and design innovation, and provide recruiting access to a generation of uniquely trained business graduates who combine strategic consumer behavior knowledge with the latest research and design techniques.  Activities“Drink ’n Think” workshops | The Abundance Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Center for Art and Ideas, currently organized through but with a Facebook presence as well, is all about serious intellectual discussions on trends in the arts and the hottest new ideas.  We have conversations with both established academics and educational professionals without having to enroll formally in college classes or go the “continuing education” route.

The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory is a peer-reviewed online journal devoted to both disciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship of a cutting-edge nature that deals broadly with the phenomenon of religious and cultural theory.

The Whitestone Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.  Since its inception around the turn of the millennium, the Whitestone Foundation has sponsored vartious national and international initiatives, including the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, Res Publica, and Fidelis.  It has also donated to the founding of the Aspen Academic Press.

Noesis Press, an imprint of The Davies Group, Publishers, publishes edited and peer-reviewed shorter monographs, works designed to fit within the space that lies between the “too-long-for-a-journal article” and “too-short-for-a-traditional monograph” format.

The Other Journal is a Seattle-based publication that promotes vibrant discourse at the intersections of theology and culture. The journal aims to create space for Christian interdisciplinary reflection, exploration, and expression. Attempting to remain a step or two more popular than the typical scholarly journal and a step or two more scholarly than the typical popular magazine, our goal is to provide our readers with provocative, challenging and insightful Christian commentary on current social issues, political events, cultural trends, and pop phenomena.