Critical Conversations


“Critical Conversations” is an ongoing series of wide-ranging discussions with academics and public intellectuals on a variety of timely and compelling topics involving the arts and innovative thought.   Its purpose is to bring art and ideas into the mainstream.  The following are videos from Google Hangouts on Air that Carl Raschke as host of Critical Conversations has conducted in the past year or two with our contributors.

Sandra Ceas and the Christos Collective –  Reclaiming the Mission of Christian Art and Artists

Sergio Figuieredo – Public Sequential Art and Public Scholarship

Roger Green – The 1960s, Psychedelics, and the Propspects for Political Theology

Luis Leon – The Political Spirituality of Cesar Chavez

Ken Lokensgard – Anthropology and the Ontological Turn

Michael O’Rourke – Belle Knox and the Making of the Indebted Woman

Colbey Reid – An English Professor Goes to Business School

Alan J. Richard – Religion as Cruel Optimism and Emancipatory Praxis

Christopher Rodkey – Preaching the Death of God

Victor Taylor – Taking the Arts and Humanities Public