IMG_2514GAIN artists Kartika Anderson, Sunny Raschke, and Jenny DeLaughter posed at special exhibit entitled “Toward the Light – Making Visible Our Inner Struggles.”  Carrollton, Texas.  April, 2015.

Starting July 1, 2016, The Global Art & Ideas Nexus will be featuring and promoting certain artists who in both their careers and their stated aspirations show themselves committed to a broad and profound vision of what their work signifies for a global audience in this current age of civilizational instability and social discontent.

We are not interested in showcasing:

  • Artists who are merely well-known because they have learned to game successfully the system of pretense, prestige, and profit (they probably wouldn’t be interested in us anyway).
  • Artists whose primary claim to credibility is having all the right degrees and professional connections, but who are incapable of articulating why their life work matters in any real sense.
  • Artists who have simply hitched their graphic messaging to some grand external cause without the foggiest idea of how their work can be justified in its own rights.

We are interested in:

  • Artists who have something really interesting, groundbreaking, and powerful to say in their own unique visual language, preferably based on their own distinctive life stories, and who can somehow narrate their experiences through the “painted word” to people who are not necessarily art connoisseurs, but who can be moved and personally transformed once they have become engaged with the work.
  • Emerging artists, even those no one has ever heard of, who can meet the above criteria.
  • Artists who have some kind of global – and preferably a “spiritual” – perspective on the meaning and purpose of their art, and are willing to do what it takes to communicate its importance beyond their own parochial circles or range of contacts.

If you are interested in being featured on our artist’s page, please get in touch with us. Please attach a resume, link to your website, and a 500-1000 word statement of how and why you fit the profile described above.

We look forward to hearing from you.