Art intervention at the Wings of the Eagle Retreat Center, November 2015.
The Global Art & Id

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GAIN artists Kartika Anderson, Sunny Raschke, and Jenny DeLaughter posed at special exhibit entitl

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The Global Arts & Ideas Networks sponsors and co-hosts regular conferences with other organiza

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IMG_5281The mission and purpose of the Global Arts & Ideas Network is to take innovative thought and artistic expression public.

GAIN is a global aggregator and site of creative connectivity and collaboration for colleges and universities, community-based art and ideas projects, artists, performers, writers, digital designers, independent scholars, public intellectuals, and other affiliated professionals and entrepreneurs.

cropped-cropped-cropped-GAIN-Logo-L-Transparent.pngAt the same time, the purpose of GAIN is not simply to increase the visibility, and advance the interests, of specific individuals or organizations. Instead its overarching mission is to promote participation at various levels in a genuine global community of art and ideas.

GAIN is a growing nexus of visionaries and change-makers who all have a common interest in making the latest cutting-edge sensibilities as well as thought and knowledge accessible to an emergent planetary public. “GAIN-sharers” represent the new avante-garde of the 21st century.

GAIN welcomes participation by individuals, non-profit organizations, and private as well as corporate sponsors that can contribute to its larger mission.